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Teeth Whitening

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Miss your Pearly Whites? Try

Teeth Whitening!

When teeth grow in they are perfectly white and beautiful! Over time they often will yellow and discolor slightly. This isn’t anything to be worried about as it doesn’t damage the structural integrity of your teeth but often patients miss their white smile and want to do something about it. 

If you feel dissatisfied with the color and brightness of your teeth give us a call. We are happy to help you make a plan that will help your teeth whiten and look fresh. 

How can I avoid tooth discoloration?

One option is to prevent tooth discoloration. If you are interested in this option you should avoid things that discolor teeth such as smoking, poor dental hygiene, foods with tannins, drinking coffee and tea and sports drinks. While this may not completely halt your teeth from discoloration it often will help to slow it. 

What Whitening options

are available?

  • Homemade remedies may be cost effective but they are unreliable.
  • Over the counter products are typically safe to use. These are often strips or gels. This option can cause tooth sensitivity. 
  • In office tray based teeth bleaching systems. You can schedule a series of appointments with a member of our team. Some patients have tooth sensitivity when using this option.
  • Light teeth whitening system is a new option that we offer in our office.  It is a fantastic option because it whitens teeth while avoiding tooth sensitivity. 

A member of our team can help recommend safe options that will yield great results!