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Composite Fillings

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Benefits of

Composite Fillings

Gone are the days where we regularly use metal fillings to repair teeth! Instead we use composite fillings which use a resin material that is white. This way you can maintain your natural white color even when you have teeth that need to be repaired.

Repair your teeth and keep them strong

Composite fillings are used to replace parts of the teeth that are damaged from cavities or trama. These fillings are made with composite resin/plastic which is shaped and molded directly on the tooth and then cured with a light.

The composite resin material is designed to be strong. It is designed to withstand chewing and remain structurally sound.

Why choose

Composite Fillings?

  • Maintain natural looking teeth
  • Protects against further decay
  • Replaces decay
  • Fillings can be finished in a single appointment
  • Most current form of tooth repair
  • Composite resin is white


Get your teeth repaired with composite fillings and schedule your appointment today!